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Our mission is to connect brands with their customers in the right place at the right time.

About us

We are a boutique digital marketing agency with more than 11 years of experience working with major brands in the national market. We have our own programmatic platform with software based in Europe and Canada, which allows us to advertise in any massive online media and on the most famous apps in the world, such as: Tik Tok, Kwai, Spotify, Dezzer, Pinterest, Candy Crush, among others by using PSP technology. We are Dvd260 platforms and MediaMath certified.




Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing refers to the interaction of brands with customers using a combination of different advertisement channels and enabling customers to take action in response, preferably by buying a product or service using the channel of their choice. It also works for remarketing and retargeting. Companies that have a multichannel strategy profit 60% more than companies that only have specific strategies. Success stories in Colombia and Latin America show that multichannel companies achieve higher sales conversion percentages.

Our services

Social media management

Internal communication



Digital marketing


Training y research

Our customer base

Our customer base

We make it possible

We implement monthly budgets up to 500,000 US for more than 15 brands. We have the experience and the best certified team.

Our team

Paola Escobar - account executive

Alejandro Tarquino - Account Manager

Karollay Matheus - Creative director

Santiago Ospina - illustrator

Karem Díaz - General Manager

Yeimy Bonilla - Creative

Adriana Dominguez - Graphic design

Maria Camila Castañeda - Content Manager

César Casas - Financial and administrative Director

Fernanda Gutiérrez - Content manager

Jeniffer Rodriguez - Contents

German Giraldo - Videographer

Lizzeth Mussy - Creative

Carlos Díaz - Marketing Manager

Tatiana Gonzalez - Creative

Juan Carlos González - Marketing Tracking

Johan Villabona- Videographer


With more than 6 years of experience. We have the best rates. We do monthly campaigns with influencers for more than 20,000 US.

Advertise on Facebook Feed, Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, Audience Network, among others. Buy Meta advertising in CPC, CPV, CPL, and CPM. Added value: Permanent advice from Meta.

Advertise on the two most famous search engines in the world: Google and YouTube. You will also be on Google display, Gmail, YouTube Bumper Ads, among others. Buy Search, CPC, CPV, CPL, CPM. Added value: Permanent advice from Google.

- The content will reach users directly. No user acquisition is needed.
- 69% of users are under 30 years old.
- The metrics offered are concise and simple.
- Creativity and quality prevail over quantity in this network.

  1. You can advertise with us on the most popular apps such as TikTok, Spotify, Dezzer, and Pinterest. Buy advertising in Cost per Listen, Cost per Lead, CPC, CPM, CPV formats.

    Added value: Best cost per lead than average.

Take your TV advertising to the next level. Now you can make the best investment and advertise on streaming platforms and international channels.

You will be able to advertise on the most popular game apps in mobile Android or IOS in Cost per credits, Cost per Lead, CPC, CPM, CPV formats.

Added value: Cost per lead cheaper than the average.

Publicidad en Plataformas (Ads)



  • Advanced targeting options.

  • Connect with the public through their interests and emotions.



    • Users receive more information from the company.

    • Option to navigate to the business location.

    • Save the marked route.



    • The content will reach users directly. No user acquisition is needed.

    •  69% of users are under 30 years old.

    • The metrics offered are concise and simple.

    • Creativity and quality prevail over quantity in this network.



  • Costs control.
  • Success measurement.

  • Segmentation.


  • Benefits
    It causes a more efficient visual impact.
  • Great opportunities for SEO positioning.
  • Budget performance in campaigns.

Facebook & Instagram


    • They provide a higher level of engagement and better cost and conversion rates.

    • Integration of facebook and Instagram.

    • Optimal audience segmentation.

    • Little intrusive advertising.

    • –  Easy products sale.


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Bogotá, Colombia

Carrera 51 # 104b – 31
Green Room Comunicaciones SAS

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